samedi 28 mai 2011

Nokia E7

Nokia E7 


  • Le nouveau Nokia E7: communiquer n'a jamais été aussi simple.
  • Points forts
  • Frais de port GRATUITS*
  • Ecran tactile capacitif AMOLED de 4 pouces et clavier AZERTY
  • Appareil photo 8MP et vidéo HD
  • Recevez vos mails pro et perso, ainsi que vos messages Facebook et Twitter en temps réel
  • Navigation gratuite avec OVI Maps
  • Accès immédiat et sécurisé à votre intranet avec la fonction VPN intégrée
  • Wi-Fi N & Bluetooth 3.0
  • Mémoire interne : 16 Go
  • utonomie : jusqu'à 9h en conversation et jusqu'à 20 jours en veille
  • Prise HDMI & USB On-the-Go

    *une réduction égale aux frais de livraison standard vous sera appliquée

dimanche 13 mars 2011

Action voip software from download and Actionvoip SIP Settings

Actionvoip is a cheap and best VOIP Service by Betamax Group and it provides really cheap international phone calls through out the world including India. But if you are calling from India to United Arab Emirates, Qatar etc the charge will be little high. It’s always better to call to India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh etc than they call back to U.A.E from there. Let’s review the merits and demerits

Actionvoip website and actionvoip dialer are already banned in UAE. The actionvoip website is not working in UAE and whenever your try to access it you will get a message from Etisalat saying the site is blocked in UAE. But people are using actionvoip via hotspotshield or other VPN services.

Actionvoip offers really cheap international calls, but the same time you can’t make free international calls.

You can recharge your actionvoip account either with online or the actionvoip resellers by the recharge coupon.

Actionvoip fully supports SIP, so you can configure actionvoip on your VOIP Adapter or SIP Phone or SIP softphone as follows.

Action voip SIP Settings:

SIP port : 5060


Proxy server:

Outbound proxy server : leave empty

Account name: your Actionvoip username

Password: your Actionvoip password

Display name/number: your Actionvoip username or VoIP number

Stun server (option) :

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You can download Jitsvoip from their website and install it instantly on your PC. Jits voip provides Mobile Dialer also which is more convinient for you to make your voip Phone call from your 3g or wireless enabled mobile phones.

you can download dialer software from thier website jitsvoip downlaod Jitsvoip dialer software Jits Voip

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“Make free calls to many countries”

With FreeCall you can call your friends for free from your PC. And if your friends also have FreeCall, you can talk PC-to-PC for free for as long as you want. Here is a list of the countries where you can make free calls to with FreeCall (to landline only):

There are several ways to call with FreeCall:

From the text box, enter the User Name of another VoipBuster user, or the desired phone number and press enter
Double-click a User Name in your contact list
Use the dialpad to make a call just like you do on a regular phone
Or use the keypad on your PC

dimanche 22 août 2010

Free Reservationless Phone Conferencing

Free Reservationless Phone Conferencing

Free conference calls are simple and easy to use, requiring only a name and an e-mail address to receive an instant account.

Once you enter your name and e-mail address, you will be instantaneously provided with a dial-in number and access code for immediate phone conferencing.

Your teleconferencing line is available to you 24/7 and there is no need to schedule or make reservations. Each conference call account accommodates 96 callers on an unlimited number of 6 hour free conference calls.

FREE Conference Call Account Renewal

Free Conference Call With Free Recording Only normal domestic long distance rates are charged by the participant's long distance carriers for the length of the call. Teleconferences can have up to 96 participants for 6 hour period of time per session. Each FreeConferenceCall account remains safe and secure and is never shared or sold. Our free conference call service provides you a great opportunity to connect to many people on a conference call. Loaded with great features, our phone conferencing service has revolutionized the way in which national and international teleconferences are organized.

samedi 10 avril 2010

With VoipDiscount you can make free

With VoipDiscount you can make free* calls over the internet to any of your online friends, as well as various popular destinations. Download it now for free and start calling immediately.

More Info

To enjoy free phone calls from your PC, just download and install this application (1700Kb)
Download now
System requirements

lundi 21 septembre 2009

Free call & voip

The TAM100-VoIP, T1/E1 VoIP Network/Gateway Analyzer provides VoIP network users and service providers a low cost tool to test, verify and maintain VoIP networks at the WAN interface point for gateways, IP-PBX/switches and medium capacity legacy network terminals.

Our popular VoIP Tracer Pack combined with the SAFIRE Professional development environment; the perfect combination for developing signaling applications, then validating & observing the application signaling together with Internet & VoIP signaling!

•SAFIRE Professional
•Internet Protocol Analyzer
•VoIP Protocol Analyzer

IP DID Delivers Nationwide Numbers Anywhere

in the World

IPDID local number service provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for calling card companies, voice messaging / fax service providers, and businesses that require local phone numbers in several calling areas. IPDID local number service also provides a solution for bulk phone numbers in a specific calling area. With over 1,000 rate centers in 43 markets to choose from, IPDID service delivers these features:

DIDX (DIDXChange) is the wholesale solution for buying and selling DID numbers.
Who is it for ?

ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Providers), CLEC, ILEC, VOIP Service Providers, Calling Card Operators, etc.

DIDX allows ITSP's to be a DIDX Seller and provide numbers from different parts of the world, from their own web sites. DIDX pays when the DID Seller after the DID Buyer buys.

DIDX also provides free of charge billing service to sell DID numbers via the DIDx network to any other ITSP anywhere in the world using SIP or IAX2 protocol.

Once they are sold, the DID's are instantly routed to the customer's SIP address.

Special Offers!...
Interested in a VoIP (SIP/RTP) complete solution (hardware included)? Then try this feature-rich product bundle!

•SIP Signaling Tester
•VoIP Protocol Analyzer
•SIP Traffic Generator
•SIP Call Analyzer
•RTP Traffic Quality Analyzer
•SAFIRE Professional
•Smart; 'cube' platform